Traceability and Social Cooperation

Within your social network in BSCW, i.e. the set of users with whom you share a workspace, you may keep informed about the current user activity, you may trace this activity with the help of the events having taken place and you may get in touch using informal communication in the context of shared workspaces.

You can find out which users may be available online via

the online status display indicating the “BSCW presence” of the members of a shared work­space.

You can keep in touch with your co-workers in BSCW using

the microblogging feature of BSCW supporting the exchange of short text messages among the members of a shared workspace. Such a microblog also contains the events of a workspace.

You can keep informed about the events in your workspaces in a more online fashion than pro­vided by daily reports, using

the RSS feeds on BSCW events containing recent events in your workspaces in RSS format (to be read using the RSS features of cur­rent browsers or specific RSS aggrega­tors).

In addition, you may keep up with events in your workspaces using event widgets in your per­sonal or workspace portals (see 3.4.1 Personal portal) or the events desktop widget (see 7.1 Desktop Widgets).


Online status display


Event monitoring using RSS feeds