The personal objects

In the upper right-hand corner of the user interface you find a row of icons that give direct access to your personal objects. These icons of the instant access bar are available in each of your folders or workspaces.

  Your personal portal for BSCW can show the contents of important workspaces, an over­view of recent BSCW events and current appointments from your BSCW calendar. You can also include external programs (e.g. news, weather forecast, maps).

home  Your personal workspace or home folder is the folder that may only be accessed by yourself and contains all your folders and all workspaces where you are a member. If you click on the home folder icon in one of your other private objects, you return to the private folder or shared workspace that you visited last. Another click on the home folder icon brings you to the home folder itself.

my communities  The listing of your community workspaces contains all such workspaces with commu­ni­ties where you are a member. Communities allow workspace access for large groups of users equipped with equal access rights, keeping performance independent of community size; they also offer self-organized platforms for users with similar interests. The community workspaces are also contained in your home folder.

clipboard  The clipboard serves as an intermediate store when cutting and copying.

trash  The trash helps to prevent unauthorized or unintentional deletion of objects. In BSCW, an object can be irrevocably destroyed only from its owner’s trash.

address book  The address book is used to invite new members to your workspaces and to manage contacts.

calendar  The calendar helps you manage your appointments.

  The task list contains tasks you are to carry out (includes proper tasks, flow folders and documents to be released; also see 12 Workflow Management).

bookmarks  The bookmarks contain your collected bookmarks and offer quick access to the objects referred to by the bookmarks.

Persönliche Vorlagen  The personal templates and contain templates for often used objects and metadata pro­files that you have defined in addition to the standards supplied by the sys­tem.

briefcase  The briefcase is used to synchronize BSCW documents with their counterparts on a local computer.