Specifying the review process

You can only put folders or single documents under review, if you are the manager of the workspace where the folder or document is located.

You put an entire folder and thereby all documents contained therein under review, when you want to define a standard review process which is to be run through for all documents of a certain folder. In order to do this you proceed as follows.

      Select action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the folder and go to the section “Review” of the action form (if this section is missing you are probably not the man­ager of the folder). You may also define the review process when creating the folder.

      You may now define your own review process (option ‘Define docu­ment review’). If there is a review process defined for the parent folder you may choose to inherit this process for the current folder (option ‘Inherit settings’).

      For defining your own process, select the respective option. Next, determine whether reviewing is to be started automatically whenever a document is uploaded or pasted to the current folder. An automatic start is indicated, if the folder is not to contain draft documents, but only final versions of documents intended for release.

      Click on [Add review step].

      Enter an optional description of the review step.

      Determine whether a single reviewer is sufficient to accept a document or whether all reviewers of a review step have to accept a document, so that it counts as ac­cepted. Note, that for a rejection a single reviewer is always sufficient.

      Finally select the reviewers responsible for document review of in this step.

Note: Reviewers don’t have to be members of the workspace to which a document belongs. They get separate access to documents to be reviewed.    
The same user cannot be reviewer in different steps of the review process.

      Repeat the adding of review steps as often as necessary.

      Use the arrows up and down to change the order of steps and remove to delete steps al­ready entered.

      You may change steps by unfolding a step (click on unfold) and change all step in­for­mation: description, single reviewer sufficient or not and responsible reviewers.

      Hit [OK] to define the review process for the folder.

After you have defined the review process for the folder, you can start this review process for all documents within the folder. The document review will start automatically for all documents uploaded or pasted to this folder, if so specified in the review process definition. How the review process proceeds in detail is described further below.

You can also define a review process for single documents, in order to e.g. define a review process deviating from the standard procedure of a folder. You proceed in a similar way as with folders.

      Select action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the document and go to the section “Review” of the action form (if this section is missing you are probably not the man­ager of the document).

      Define the review process by selecting the option ‘Define docu­ment review’.

      Proceed in the definition of the review process by clicking [Add review step] as described above for folders.