Search (simplified user interface)

You may search your workspaces using the search field in the navigation bar. This search field operates like the corresponding search field at the general BSCW user interface and im­plements a simple quick search for objects based on object names or tags and for documents based on content.

      Select the kind of your search from the drop-down menu  in front of the search field: all, tags, documents, name.

      The default search (“all”) looks for all objects in the current folder with the search terms occurring in name, content, description or tags. A search based on names finds all objects in the current folder with names containing the search terms, a search based on tags finds all objects whose tags contain the search terms, and a document search finds all documents containing the search terms.

      Enter your search terms into the search field and hit the Return key. The search results are shown in a temporary search folder. The description of a search result contains its location in your folder hierarchy.

Click on [Workspaces] in the top line to return to your previous folder.