BSCW helps you to find objects (documents, folders, contacts etc.) in BSCW. The search criteria may relate to object attributes (like name, description, tags or object type) and with documents also to their content. Several search criteria may be combined. The search domain may either be the current folder or workspace, all your workspaces including your home folder or the entire BSCW system including also your clipboard, waste and calendar.

Starting a search

The standard way to initiate a search is via  File    Search  in the top menu. This presents you with the search form to precisely specify your query as explained below. The search results are then presented as a folder listing in a temporary search folder.

There are also several other ways to initiate a search without having to fill in the search form:

The search field offered in the navigation bar supports a quick search for objects based on name or tags and for documents based on content.

A quick search identical to that of the search field is also offered as desktop widget and as search widget of the personal portal. Also the mobile portal of BSCW supports the quick search for BSCW objects.

Clicking on the tag of an entry shown in a folder listing initiates a quick search for ob­jects in your entire BSCW having that same tag.

On a members’ page, you can start a search for specific users only using the search field in the navigation bar. This way you can check if someone that you have some information about is a member of the current workspace (for more details on the user search see below).

Search results presented in a specific folder

Independent of the way you initiate a search, the search results are presented in a temporary search folder. The description of each object found names the folder that contains the object. Make sure that you have activated the option  View    Descriptions  when viewing the search results.

Search folders represent a specific BSCW object type with some actions of its own. You may repeat the search with a modified query and store the search results permanently in BSCW by making the temporary search fol­der a permanent search folder somewhere in your folder hierarchy. Permanent search folders are useful when a particular search is to be repeated at a later point in time (see 3.7.2 Special actions in search folders).

To return from a search folder to your workspaces hit home.


The search form

Special actions in search folders