Resubmitting documents

You may have a document ‘resubmitted’ to you at certain dates, i.e. have a reminder e-mail message sent to you by BSCW containing links to the document and the workspace that con­tains it:

      Select action  Send to    Resubmission  in the action menu of the document. Enter the date of the resub­mission as well as subject and body of the reminder message. If the document is part of a shared workspace, you may specify whether the message is to be sent only to yourself or also to the other members of the workspace. Confirm with [OK].

      Next, you will be shown the existing dates for resubmission. Click [Add] to enter fur­ther dates. By clicking the icons delete or edit in the ‘Ac­tion’ column, existing dates may be deleted or changed. Click [Back] to return to the folder view.