Registering an additional e-mail address

If you have several e-mail addresses, which you use in different contexts, e.g. for busi­ness and private contacts, it may sometimes happen that you are asked via e-mail to register again on your BSCW server, because someone has invited you to a workspace. This is the case when some other user invites you to a workspace using one of your e-mail addresses different from the one under which you are registered on your BSCW server.

In this case, you have two alternatives: you may register under a new user name which you want to use in conjunction with this e-mail address, or you may register this e-mail address as an additional e-mail address of your existing user account. In the latter case, your BSCW ser­ver will be able to associate your different e-mail addresses with your user name when you are in­vited using one of your registered e-mail addresses.

When you receive such a registration message, repeat the registration procedure. If you want to register the new e-mail address under your existing user name as an additional address, spec­ify the same user name and password under which you are already registered. BSCW will send the URL of a form to your additional e-mail address. In this form you may confirm that you indeed want to register this e-mail address for your user name.

You may also register additional e-mail addresses under your user name, without having re­ceived an invitation.

      Select  Options    Profile    Change  and enter an additional e-mail address into the field ‘Add e-mail address’ of the ‘Personal Data’ section of the action form.

Subsequently, you have to undergo the same shortened registration procedure as described above in order to ensure that the association of your user name with the new e-mail address is indeed valid. You may repeat this process for further e-mail addresses.

The registration of further e-mail addresses makes sense if you expect to be invited to BSCW workspaces under these addresses or if you want to upload documents via e-mail from these addresses. In these cases, BSCW will be able to correctly associate your user name with any of these addresses.

Regardless of the registration of secondary e-mail addresses, BSCW will al­ways use your primary e-mail address to send e-mail messages to you, e.g. your periodic e-mail report on work­space activity. This e-mail address is also shown on your user info page.

If you have registered several e-mail addresses, you may change your primary e-mail address

      by choosing  Options    Profile    Change  and selecting the address desired from the drop down list ‘Primary e-mail address’ in the ‘Personal Data’ section of the action form.

All your e-mail addresses registered are also shown when you select  Options    Profile    Show . Scroll down to the field ‘E-Mail addresses attached in the section ‘Administrator details’. Other users see only your primary e-mail address when looking at your user info page.