Personal templates

Your personal templates are the place to store user-defined templates and metadata profiles for your personal use. These objects are available to you when you create copies of templates using  New    from Template  and when you assign a new metadata profile to an object using action  Change   Metadata Profile .

Templates are used as masters for frequently used types of documents (letters, reports, forms), usually including elaborate layout and formatting information or complex formulas in the case of spreadsheets. In BSCW, you can declare arbitrary objects as templates: polls, flow folders and tasks or even folders including their entire contents.

Metadata profiles summarize metadata attributes of a given BSCW object type. In addition to the predefined system profiles you may define your own metadata profiles which you may store in your personal templates.

      Click on Personal Templates in the instant access bar or

      choose  GoTo    Templates  in the top menu in order to open your personal templates.

You can create new templates and metadata profiles in your personal templates.

      Select  File    New    ……  to create an object that is to serve as template. Then you need to edit this object (e.g. document, folder, poll) so that it can serve as a template.

      Select  File    New    Metadata Profile    …… Profile  to create a metadata profile for a cer­tain object type.

You may also cut or copy existing templates and metadata profiles and paste them to your personal template folder.