Other actions of the simplified user interface

Displaying and changing object attributes

To have a look at the attributes of an object

      select action menu   More Information  in the action menu of an object.

You may also position the cursor over the object type icon at the beginning of an object entry to have a tooltip displayed with name, description and other user-defined attributes.

To change the attributes of an object,

      select action menu   Change Attributes  in the action menu of an object.

      With folders you can change name, description and tags, documents have some more attributes.

Sending links to documents

You can grant other persons access to a document by sending them a link to this document via e-mail. Such a link allows access to the document for a limited span of time.

      Select action menu   Send as Link  in the action menu of a document that you want make accessible to other persons.

      In the action form, enter the e-mail addresses or BSCW user names of these persons, add a subject and a personal message and hit [OK].

      The automatically generated part of the e-mail message contains the link to the docu­ment along with the date until which the link is valid.