Notification of new microblog messages

You are notified of new messages by a specific display symbolized by the icon new messages left of the logout icon in the header section of the Web-based user interface. Clicking on this icon lists new microblog messages since you last visited the display. The number in the display icon indicates the number of new messages. If the display icon is not shown, then there are no new messages.

New messages are always shown along with their complete threads. The new messages are highlighted in orange (as in normal microblogs). You may restrict the type of messages you are to be notified about this way.

      Choose  Options    Preferences  from the top menu bar.

      The ‘Edit Preferences’ action form provides the section ‘Notifications’ with the sub­sections ‘Active Event Services’, ‘Event Types Subscribed’ and ‘Microblog Mes­sages’.

      In the ‘Microblog Messages’ subsection you may specify under ‘Display of new mes­sages’ the message types that you want to be notified of in this display. The types avail­able are:

Personal messages that were directed to yourself in your personal microblog and that are not accessible to other users.

Replies to one of your own messages.

Messages that explicitly mention your user name with a preceding @.

Other messages, i.e. all messages except the personal messages.

      Here, you may also specify about which types of new microblog messages you want to be notified using the existing e-mail event services (periodic e-mail report or direct e-mail), if you have activated these services.

Note, that your own new messages are only listed by the notification services when they have received a new reply or are a reply to a message which in turn received a new reply. You may, however, specify that the periodic e-mail report is to list your own messages in any case.

More details are to be found in Setting the default notification options.