Microblogging in BSCW supports the exchange of short text messages. The messages are dis­played in chronological order as is usual in blogs. In BSCW, also events appear in micro­blogs.

Microblogs in BSCW can be focused on certain groups of users: on a single user, on the mem­bers of a shared workspace or on the social network of a user, i.e. all users with whom a user cooperates via BSCW. The respective microblogs contain the messages that have been posted by the users in focus, and the events that have been caused by these users.

Microblogging on your BSCW server has to be activated by your system administrator.


Displaying microblogs

Creating and deleting microblog messages

Actions on microblog messages

Searching for microblog messages

Notification of new microblog messages

Personal microblogs

Microblogs as widgets and at the mobile interface