Metadata profiles

The metadata attributes, which may be specified for an object, are summarized in a metadata profile – with the exception of name, description and tags. Metadata attributes have a name and a data type (such as line of text or date) and can be structured into groups within a profile. For most of the existing object types in BSCW there are predefined system profiles. Examples are the following metadata profiles.

Documents have the general attributes priority and category and the attributes of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (such as title, author, language etc.).

Contacts essentially consist of metadata attributes concerning name, address, phone numbers, affiliation etc.

Tasks have by default the attributes customer, contact, location, URL, priority and category.

The system profiles of certain object types may be empty, e.g. the system profiles of folders and URLs. Number and type of system profiles depend on the configuration of your BSCW server. You may create your own metadata profiles on the basis of the given system profiles and store these profiles for further use in your personal folder ‘Personal Templates of your-user-name’. It is also possible to define metadata profiles for a certain workspace and to store them in a template folder of that workspace. Thus, the profiles are available for all members of this workspace.


Using metadata attributes

Defining new metadata profiles

Assigning metadata profiles

Changing and sharing metadata profiles

Exporting metadata attributes