Levels of proficiency

BSCW has different levels of proficiency of a user that correspond to user interfaces of growing functionality and complexity. The standard installation of a BSCW server has the following levels:




As a new user of BSCW you start by default at the Expert level (if your system administrator has not configured your server otherwise). If you want to get accustomed to the functions and object types of BSCW in a step-by-step fashion, you can change into a lower level of proficiency and later return to the Expert level. It is al­ways possible to switch to another level of proficiency.

      Choose  Options    Preferences  from the top menu bar.

      Select your preferred level of proficiency (Beginner, Advanced or Expert) in the ‘Ge­neral’ section of the action form.

Depending on the server configuration, the number of levels may vary; they may be labelled differently and may group functions differently.

If your user level does not offer all actions available in an action menu, you may choose the option action  more…  to switch to a higher level.