Exporting metadata attributes

You may store and export the metadata attributes of documents, notes, contacts, tasks and flow folders contained in a folder in form of a comma-separated .csv file. Subfolders will also be searched recursively. Apart from the metadata, access path and BSCW object id will be stored for each object in the file.

      Choose  File    Send to    Metadata  in the top menu of the folder.

      The action form ‘Export Metadata’ lets you select the attributes to export: check a com­plete metadata profiles or unfold a profile and select single attributes for export. With user-defined metadata profiles, only the new attributes are offered for export.

      You may further choose to directly download the metadata file or have it stored in your clipboard or the folder itself.

This way, you may process metadata, e.g., with a spreadsheet program. You may invoke the action also via action  Send to    Metadata  in the action menu of a folder.