Drag & drop uploader

For some older browsers, the drag & drop uploader requires the Java runtime environment (Java plug-in) version 7 and up (also known as Java 1.7). For the current versions of popular browsers Java is no longer necessary.

If you intend to use the drag & drop uploader, you have to activate it first:

      Click  Options    Preferences  in your top menu bar and mark the check box Use drag&drop uploader for file upload in the ‘General’ section of the action form, sub­section ‘File Handling’, and confirm with [OK].

After activation, a specific upload icon will be placed prominently in the header section of your fol­der pages (see Figure 29). Just drop a file or group of files onto this icon for up­load to the cur­rent folder.

If the names of files uploaded do not conform to the restrictions with regard to the use of spe­cial characters in BSCW document names, the names are automatically corrected.

Figure 29: BSCW header with drag & drop uploader installed