Document review

Document review is useful in the production of documents that have to meet a certain quality stan­dard. When a draft document has undergone the necessary editing and is ready for release, docu­ment review ensures the quality intended: the document is reviewed by one or more persons responsible and is eventually released or rejected. In case of a rejection this process can be repeated.

In BSCW, document review can be defined for single documents or entire folders by speci­fying different review steps and the persons responsible. When the review process is de­fined for an entire folder, it is valid for all documents contained in the folder and its subfolders.

Figure 28: Document review (schematic view, two review steps)

After definition of the review process, the review of a document may be started by a member of the folder where the document is located. The document is put under version control and is locked for the duration of the review. The reviewers are notified by e-mail when it’s their turn and can now accept or reject the document. The different steps of the review process are executed one after another. When a document is accepted in the last review step, it is thus released. When a docu­ment is rejected in any of the review steps, the review process is terminated. The docu­ment may be edited again and may eventually undergo another review. The initiator of the review process is also notified by e-mail of acceptance or rejection.


Putting documents under review

Having documents reviewed