Displaying microblogs

In folder listings of BSCW, the availability of microblogging is indicated by a tab in the lower right-hand corner of the browser window.

      Click on the microblog tab to open the microblogging console.

The microblog entries are displayed in chronological order, the entries created last appear at the top. The entries may be messages or BSCW events. The entries are displayed along with all replies they may have received. The replies are shown indented below the entry to which they relate. The date of the last reply determines the chronological position of the entry in the micro­blog.

You can have a microblog displayed in two different sizes.

      Click on the icon enlarged at the right-hand border of the microblog tab to have a larger part of the microblog shown. Click on default size in order to return to default size.

Microblogs in BSCW may list messages coming from two different groups of users:

In your personal objects like your home folder, your private folders or your address book, the microblog lists all messages and events that were posted to you or caused by users of your social network, i.e. by users with whom you share a workspace or com­munity.

In other folders, the microblog can also list only messages (and events) of the mem­bers of the current workspace, which have been posted for the members of this very workspace. The current workspace is the workspace from which the current folder in­herits its members.

Workspace microblogs list only those messages and events that have been created after you yourself have be­come member of the respective workspace.

The headline of the unfolded microblog console is either ‘Social Network’ or the name of the current workspace, telling you which type of microblog you are viewing.

With workspace microblogs you can switch between the display of the workspace microblog and the general microblog of your social network.

      When the workspace microblog is shown, the button [Only Workspace] appears in red. Click this button to have the general microblog of your social network displayed. The button [Only Workspace] is now grayed out. Clicking the button again shows the workspace microblog.

The display of events in a microblog may be controlled using the button [Show Events] in the upper left-hand corner of the microblog console.

      Click on [Show Events] to have the events displayed in the microblog. The button will appear in red. Clicking the button again hides the events from the microblog.

To leave the microblog,

      click the microblog tab microblog causing the microblog console to fold in.