Displaying event information

BSCW has several ways to display information about events:

Event icons in the entries of a folder page inform you at a glance that some action of a specific event type was performed on this object recently. To the right of the ob­ject name various event icons may be displayed: new, changed, moved, read and events inside . Click an event icon to obtain a list of the recent events of the type symbolized by the icon.

A detailed history of all events is maintained for all objects, reaching as far back as your BSCW administrator restores events. Choose action  Information    History  from an ob­ject’s action menu to view its history.

The periodic e-mail report on workspace activity lists all events and microblog mes­sages of interest across all your work­spaces that occurred the previous day or week.

Direct e-mail informs about events or microblog messages immediately.

The BSCW RSS event feeds provide recent events as RSS formatted news. Using these RSS feeds, modern browsers (or other RSS aggregators) may poll BSCW for on­line infor­mation on what is going on in your workspaces.

You may also export all events of a given object by selecting action  Information    Export Events  from this object’s action menu. The events are exported in the form of a comma-separated .csv file, e.g. for further processing with a spreadsheet program.

There is a specific way of displaying recent microblog messages in BSCW:

The display of new microblog messages at the top-level interface. Clicking on the icon new messages left of the logout icon lists all new microblog messages since you last visited the display.