Deleting an appointment

In order to delete an appointment from the day, week or month view of a calendar,

      select action  Delete  in the action menu of the respective appointment.

If the appointment belongs to a series of recurring appointments, only the individual appoint­ment is deleted. This also holds for the initial appointment of a series. When you want to de­lete an entire series of recurring appointments,

      select action  Change    Properties Series  in the action menu of an arbitrary appointment of the series and delete the recurrence rules. This deletes all recurrences of the initial appointment. If you want to also delete the initial appointment, you have to do this individually as described above.

In the calendar views (quarter, year) you cannot delete appointments.

An appointment that you have deleted from a calendar is transferred to your trash. When you delete an appointment from your personal calendar, it may still be accessed by the other par­ticipants. When you delete an appointment from a group calendar, the other members of the respective workspace lose access, but the participants of the appointment will still have access from their personal calendars. An appointment that you have inadvertently deleted may be restored from your trash using action  Undelete .

When you destroy an appointment in your trash, the same rules apply as for other objects (also see 4.2.5 Ownership and ownership transfer). If you, e.g., destroy an ap­point­ment where you are the only owner from a group calendar, and this appointment is also present in your personal calendar, the appoint­ment is still accessible in your personal calendar (also for the participants) and you remain owner – you have only destroyed the appointment entry in the group calendar. If the appoint­ment had not been present in your personal calen­dar, however, it would have gone for good.