Creating phases

Should you need to extend a running project by an additional phase,

      select  File    New    Phase  in the top menu of the project which you want to add a new phase to.

      In section ‘General’ of the action form ‘Add Phase’ you enter name, tags and de­scrip­tion of the new phase.

For start and completion dates, earliest and latest dates are indicated which restrict the dates that may be entered. These dates follow from the start and completion dates of the project to which the phase belongs.

      In section ‘Attributes’ you may assign attributes to the new phase (by default category and priority).

Note that phases may only be created within projects and that projects cannot be created within projects.

You may also create several phases in one step.

      Select  File    New    Multiple Phases  in the top menu of the project which you want to add new phases to.

      In the action form ‘Phases’ click [Add phase] as many times as you want to create new phases. For each phase, enter the necessary specifications. For the time frame of the new phases, restrictions are indicated which follow from start and completion date of the containing project.

When creating multiple phases in one step you cannot enter attributes. You may do so later using action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the phase.