Communities as shared mailing lists

Communities may also be used as shared e-mail distribution lists: By default, every commu­nity member has the right to send e-mail messages to the whole community. Of course, also the members of the associated community workspace may send e-mail messages to the com­munity.

You send an e-mail message to a community as follows:

      Go to the members’ page of the community workspace by clicking on the members + community icon shown in the ‘Share’ column of the community workspace entry.

      Select action  Send to    E-Mail  in the action menu of the community. This will present the ‘Send E-Mail’ form with the community e-mail address already inserted into the ‘To:’ field. Alternatively, you may also use send e-mail (Send E-Mail) in the multi-selection tool­bar.

Note that send e-mail (E-Mail) in the multi-selection toolbar may not be used for sending e-mail mes­sages to communities, because this action sends the e-mail message from your local e-mail client to the BSCW server for distribution. BSCW servers, however, cannot distribute re­ceiv­ed e-mail mes­sages currently.

When you plan to use a community as shared mailing list, the admission policy should be hid­den or closed and the community role should not include the right to invite or remove mem­bers, so that you can control community membership. As community role you should choose, e.g., Associate member, but not Member (includes right to destroy the whole commu­nity) or Manager (includes right to manage community membership).