Changing the review process

As manager, you may change the review process of folders and documents any time, but not for docu­ments just being reviewed.

      Select action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the folder or document and go to the section “Review” of the action form (if this section is missing you are probably not the man­ager of the document).

      You now have several options:

      By selecting ‘No document review’ you determine that the review process of the parent fol­der is not taken over.

      By selecting ‘Inherit settings’ you take over the review process of the parent folder and overwrite an eventual review process specifically defined for the current folder or document.

      By selecting ‘Define document review’ you choose to define a new review process or to change an existing one by changing, adding deleting or moving review steps.

      Hit [OK] to confirm the changed review process for the folder or document.

After you have changed the review process of a folder, the changed process is valid for all docu­ments and folders contained therein with the exception of those documents and sub­fol­ders for which you had already defined an individual document review process. The review process also remains unchanged for documents already under review when the folder review process is changed – this holds also when such a document is reviewed again after a rejection.