Changing and sharing metadata profiles

You may change the metadata profiles that you have created. Changing metadata profiles that have been defined by other users is, however, possible only for the manager of the template folder containing the metadata profile in question.

You can change a metadata profile in your personal templates or some template folder ex­plicitly

      by choosing Aktion  Change    Properties  in the action menu of this metadata profile,

and you can change a metadata profile of an object ad hoc

      by choosing Aktion  Change    Metadata Profile  in the action menu of this object and clicking on [Change metadata profile]. If this button is not offered, you do not have the access rights to change the profile of the current object.

The interaction for changing a metadata profile in the ‘Change Metadata Profile’ action form is exactly the same as for defining a new metadata profile, which essentially consists of changing a system profile.

      Click [OK] to store the changed metadata profile, which is now valid for all objects with this profile.

If you delete an attribute when changing a metadata profile and this attribute has already a value for some objects, this attribute appears along with its value at the end of the profile after the other attributes of the profile. If deleted attributes have no value anymore, they disappear completely.

If you delete a metadata profile, it is still maintained as long as there are objects with this metadata profile.

You may invite other users to a metadata profile in order to promote sharing profiles across the borders of shared workspaces. Such a profile appears at top level in the personal templates of the users invited and may be used by these users when assigning metadata profiles.