BSCW upload helpers

As an alternative to the file upload function of your Web browser, there are two BSCW up­load helpers that you may use to upload documents to your workspaces: the drag & drop uploader and the document uploader. The use of these uploaders is especially useful for the upload of large documents or a great number of documents. Both up­load helpers offer the following functionality:

upload of several files in one operation,

drag & drop of files into the upload window,

upload of folders as a compressed archive or as single files,

The document uploader allows for the specification of document type and description before up­load. The drag & drop uploader requires prior activation in your user pref­er­ences.

Note: The BSCW Desktop client, an upload helper of former BSCW versions, cannot be in­voked from the normal user interface any longer. If you need to decrypt files that were en­crypted using the BSCW Desktop client, ask your BSCW administrator – the software is still available.


Drag & drop uploader

Document uploader