Becoming a community member

To find out about the non-hidden communities on your BSCW server,

      select  GoTo    Other Communities  in the top menu, which presents a list of all those com­munities where you are not a member. You can tell by its icon whether a commu­nity is open (open community) or closed (closed community).

You may now become a member of such a community by

      selecting action  Join Community  in the action menu of an open community, which imme­diate­ly makes you a member, or by

      selecting action  Request Admission  in the action menu of a closed community to ask the com­munity manager(s) for admission to the community. This leads to an e-mail form where you may apply for community membership.

With hidden communities, you may only become member through explicit invitation by the community manager(s).

After you have become a member, the community will disappear from the ‘Other Communi­ties’ folder. The associated workspace will instead appear in your home folder and in the fol­der ‘Communities of your-user-name’ which contains the community workspaces of all communities where you are a member. To access this folder

      select  GoTo    My Communities  in the top menu.

      Alternatively, you can click my communities in the instant access bar.

The folder ‘Communities of your-user-name’ additionally has the entry ‘public’, con­taining all fol­ders and discussion forums that have been made publicly available.

Leaving a community is only possible for community members in open communities: delete the respective community workspace in the folder ‘Communities of your-user-name’. With closed and hidden communities, you have to ask a community manager to remove you as a member from the community. You cannot delete community workspaces of closed and hid­den communities from your communities’ listing yourself.