Assigning metadata profiles

An object may be assigned an existing user-defined metadata profile

      by choosing Aktion  Change    Metadata Profile  in the action menu of this object. Choose the metadata profile from the [Choose] dropdown menu and click [OK]. Apart from the predefined system profile, all user-defined profiles for the object type of the current object will be offered, that are contained in your personal templates or in a template folder of the current workspace. If no other profile than the system profile is offered, then there no other metadata profiles available for the current object type.

      If the current object contains other objects, you have three options to also specify the metadata profiles of the objects contained. You can determine that these metadata pro­files remain unchanged, that they are adjusted according to the assignment of metadata profiles to newly created objects in the container, or that they are all set to the approp­riate system profiles.

When you assign a new metadata profile to an object that already has attributes with values of the old metadata profile, these attributes will be listed along with their values at the end of the new profile.

You may also include metadata profiles when you create templates: Assign a suitable user-defined metadata profile to a newly created template. This way you may e.g. define the metadata profile of a contact list template such that the contacts contained in this list all have a certain contact metadata profile.