Actions on microblog messages

The entries of a microblog show

in the top line the name of the user who created the message or caused the event and if applicable the workspace of the microblog for which the message was intended or the folder where the event took place;

underneath the content of the message or the type of the event and the name of the object to which the event relates, and

finally the date of the message or event and two buttons ‘Like’ and ‘Reply’.

Names of users and BSCW objects in microblog entries are clickable links.

      Click on the name of a user to have the respective user pop-up displayed. Here you find the user’s organization, e-mail address and phone number (if present in the per­so­nal profile) and also the online status of the user (small coloured dot in front of the user name). Using the buttons [Details], [Microblog] and [E-Mail] you can invoke the info page or the personal microblog of the user as well as a form for sending an e-mail message to this user.

      Click on a hash tag to start a search for messages with that tag.

      Click on the name of a workspace or other object to navigate to this object.

Using the buttons below a microblog entry you can react positively to an entry, reply to it or recommend it to other users.

      Click [Like] to express your positive reaction to a message or event. The button will change to [Unlike] to offer you the possibility to withdraw your positive reaction. The number and names of users who like a message or event is indicated below the entry.

      Click [Reply] to enter a comment on a message or event. Enter the comment into the text field that appears below the entry and click post to post your reply. If you change your mind and don’t want to reply, click post with an empty text field and the text field will go away.

      Click [Reply] and enter only usernames with a preceding @ into the reply field to re­commend the message to other users. Click post to have the message sent via e-mail to the users indicated; you appear as sender.

Note: You can recommend microblog messages only to users of your social network, i.e. users with whom you share a workspace or community.

Replies are shown indented below the microblog message to which they relate. Replies to replies, however, are not further indented, but are shown like normal replies.

Note: The chronological position of a message with replies is determined by the date of the last reply, not by the date of the message.